PCOS – More than a Cycle Issue

To be diagnose with PCOS is a nightmare for each women independent of age and a feeling of relief – mostly. All sensitivities beginning with first period have a reason. The reason is calling Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS).

Good and bad news

The expectation now is that there is a therapy, a drug, a program to cure it. This complex disease, which appears when girls enter the reproductive age does not have a common treatment because nobody knows exactly where it comes from found until now. To be diagnose – final: good news, a lot of groups on social media platforms where they discuss  treatment, doctors, circumstances etc, and from research side no option to cure: bad news

The first visible things of this change is not specific, acne, oily skin, weight gain, cramps, cycle disorder and change of mood. To make a difficult story easy: The hormonal activity steps in the metabolism related to lipids and sugar. The result is like a rollercoaster.

PCOS is more than a Cycle Issue

With PCOS, something is different from girls and women without PCOS. Skin irritations vanished and the oily skin become more or less normal. Not so with PCOS. Instead of normality, the androgens gain the upper hand over the hormones and in connection with the lipids and the blood sugar weight gaining around waist, heavy breasts, body and facial hair grow and on the other side there is thinning and fatty hair.

20% of all women

This happens to 20% of all women in reproductive age worldwide. 50% of all PCOS Patients are fighting with weight issues and 50% lean ones, who are only related to weight issues, are in a better position. On the other hand, not. The overweight 50% are not keep serious when they go to the doctor and the lean one also, because there is no suspicion of a disease and therefore they get not serious treated.

Some women suspected that with administering the birth control pill the disease shows them the true colors. Everything is in disorder and you can do what you want there is no improvement. It is elflock-stricken.

 Discipline in life increase positive effects

The only option is to lose weight as a first measure. Normal weight is helpful to have cycle activity and a chance of an ovulation. PCOS-Women should know that their basal energy rate is less than in women without PCOS. If one need 2000kcal per day, a PCOS woman need approx. 1400 kcal/day and this is not really much. Nevertheless, if a PCOS Women wanted to lose weight she have to reduce the daily calories. Only with fueling, there is no chance. Therefore, exercise is recommend. Endurance exercises burn calories and have positive effects on androgens and lipid metabolism as well as sugar metabolism. Doing Sport increases appetite and now there is a big problem. PCOS women must live much disciplined. Not those easy if the girls are young and not even better if they become older. PCOS is a lifelong story. However, there are good news.

Healthy lifestyle is key

It is possible to manage life with a healthy lifestyle and an awareness that the PCOS-Patient is the only one who is able to do this. The big plus of healthy living is PCOS Women can reduce their health risk factors as diabetes, coronary heart diseases and cancer by avoiding fast food, alcohol, nicotine and sugar. A funny life is possible and a cheat day is an option to feel well.

Weight loss, regulated cycle, ovulation, pregnancy – it is possible!

My patient lost 20 kg got a rather normal cycle with ovulations and two years after receiving a normal weight, she was pregnant. The Baby-Boy now is 7month and cute. She gained 20 kg due to pregnancy and in the meantime, she got her normal weight and a BMI 24 again. She accepted to live on low carb and low fat bases, avoid alcohol and stopped smoking. Instead of this, three to four times a week she is doing endurance sports activities (now with the buggy). Her depressions and headaches are gone and she often tells me that she is happy.

Main offense – hair

Twice a year she went to the Gynecologist for testing. That is all, which reminds her that PCOS can be a risk. Her main offense is the body hair. She sometimes is desperate because it is faster growing than she can shave it. Moreover, the inflamed hair follicles are cruel and painful. If waxing or epilation nothing is really soft and the skin reacts heavily.

It is manageable

PCOS is not nice but manageable for many symptoms and researchers are working with high speed to find the root cause, develop diagnostics and take care for better treatment. Meeting the unmet needs is one of the prioritized goals. Unmet needs as result of interviews with affected patients are the following:

  • Clear up,  Information and Programs
  • Early detection testing (invasive or non-invasive)
  • Well educated medical doctors with sensitivity
  • Diagnostic-Treatment-Curing for easier weight loss and solutions with hair issues
  • Certain drugs

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