4th World Congress on PCOS


4th World Congress on Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS)

Join this congress in London – June 07-08, 2018!

As Alumni-Ambassador at University UFL, Principality of Liechtenstein I  herewith want to  inform students and Alumni to join this  PCOS-Conference to learn more about this multifactorial disorder and come in direct contact with scientiests, practioners and medical doctors.

Register and be informed about a very special syndrome in women of reproductive age. The interdiscplinary collaboration we miss in daily business – at this  confercence there is a chance to place it, to fight for and to increase awareness!

Note: Up to12% of all women are affected and more or less good diagnosed – but in total there is a greyzone of approx. 20% not diagnosed women.

Research and Pharma

Also Pharmaceutical Industry with their research acitivites are friendly invited to come and see and find new fields to finally find the root cause after more than 80 years of search, suspicion and suggestion within this metabolic-endocrinology disorder to bring an insufficient symptom treatment to an end for all affected women.

Key Note Speaker

I will be there as keynote speaker. Fighting for knowledge exchange and awareness my  with speech about prevention and management of multifarious PCOS.

Excerpt of Abstract

Background. One of the main health risk factors is overweight/obesity (…) Gaps exist in diagnostic, treatment and prevention. A major role in management of PCOS plays a. (…) DEBEC-Systematic  (…)  DEBEC delivers the following modules: Diagnostic, Eating, Balance, Exercise, and Coaching.

Method. DEBEC-Method ™ was used to manage diagnosed PCOS within (…) . The method was also tested in (…)  To know about prevention measures a short inquiry  (…)“. Full text will be available after the conference!