PCOS – how to prevent…

How to prevent and manage multifarious Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS)?


We now look on a time period of 90 years and 3 Rotterdam Criteria! And there is still a lot to learn about PCOS and its Pathogenesis! In the meantime, it could be found out, that there are several phenotypes including lean women with PCOS and without IR or Diabetes. In spite of the now known variability women with PCOS have still two options to be treated.

  • One group are the young girls in reproductive age without wish to conceive and
  • the second group are the adolescents with wish to conceive.

The first group of girls were suffering approx. 8 years (start puberty with 12/14 and thinking about the wish to conceive by age up to 20/22. Not really to conceive but thinking about it – in probably the next 10 years. With respect to the group of weight gainers: Who knows that gaining weight in 50% of all cases take place on a monthly basis by 1 or more kilos could imagine that overweight and obesity is a burden over years. Weight management therefore must start earliest. The total lapse/derailment of the metabolism comes along with acne, hirsutism, depressions, withdrawal of social live, social exclusion etc. And because those women don’t know what is happening in their organism, they can not fight against the changes in their body.

“Do more sport, eat less”

“Do more sport, eat less”, that’s normal within puberty, look at your grandma or mum… its genetic and so on…all this does not help the affected young ladies at the beginning of their reproductive lives as women. And remember PCOS is not that as Diabetes in higher age – it occurs in time of first love and sexuality. Research often took experience from metabolic syndrome symptoms and compared it with PCOS – e.g. diabetes, cardiovascular diseases or genetically issues or the impact of varieties of nutrients, minerals, and vitamins in diets as well as the role of carbohydrates, fruit, vegetables and in total the calorie intake management. Diagnostic tools near completion with the role of Anti Müllerian Hormone (AMH) and the vision to find biomarkers which help to diagnose PCOS at an early stage and probably for the youngest without doing vaginal ultrasound.

Prevention would be the best beating PCOS, but how to prevent this multifactorial syndrome – an important  question we do not have a satisfying answer.


Background. One of the main health risk factors is overweight/obesity and this is one player in all multifactorial metabolic-endocrinology disorders as PCOS. Gaps exist in diagnostic, treatment and prevention. A major role in management of PCOS plays a healthy lifestyle – also to be seen a key for prevention. Assisted by well-balanced diet, regular exercises and based on factual diagnostic as well as balancing and coaching health risk factors which probably enable PCOS could be treated and used for prevention. DEBEC-Systematic with its related method is a new approach in health coaching for chronic metabolic diseases to support patients helping themselves. DEBEC delivers the following modules: Diagnostic, Eating, Balance, Exercise, and Coaching.

Method. DEBEC-Method ™ was used to manage diagnosed PCOS within a case study. The method was also tested in female and male patients with overweight. To know about prevention measures a short inquiry was done using PubMed „PCOS and prevention“.

Result. The case studies with a PCOS-diagnosed and an overweight patient were conducted to show how an individual based therapy with defined modules (DEBEC-Method ™ derived from DEBEC-System) can be successfully related to health risk reduction and be suitable for daily use. Prevention measures for PCOS are not existent but some articles to prevent other comorbidities.

Conclusion. Therapy with defined modules (DEBEC) is a sustainable and successful method within overweight/obesity related diseases.  Suitable for daily use the trained patient is enabled to maintain a healthy lifestyle. This patient orientated approach could be the key for prevention measure. Overweight and obesity with signs of insulin resistance and lipid metabolism should alert the medical fraternity. Because of a rather poor study situation there is need for action.  Long-term studies are recommended including body fat distribution in young girls.



 Honoration by George for my keynote speech and „inofficial“ chairing

Research is ongoing!

How to prevent and manage multifarious Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS)? Without Root Cause, prevention is impossible. We only can treat the symptoms at the moment, but we are working to find the root cause! As my colleagues from 4th Worldcongress on PCOS, London promised: We want make that the women smile again!