Understanding the clinical picture: PCOS


Next station within my PCOS-Journey 2018: Physicians Congress, Dubai

It gives me immense pleasure to be welcomed as Speaker and Co-Chair at Global Physicians and Healthcare Congress which is going to be held on June 25-27, 2018 in Dubai, UAE.

Theme: “ Leading the way towards Medical Excellence „

Medical Excellence  – I am sure – we can meet if all experts collaborate and the patient understand waht must be done and what the patient can also do/must also contribute. for her/his health.

We are on a rather good way, if I think about all the new possibilities we have with our digital world, And in total we are on a  much better way than years before.


Because there are world congresses and conferences rising awareness, presenting results and collaborate for improving and increasing womens’ health!

There seems to be a palpable energy around the world today as researchers see the opportunities to transform and improve e.g.:

  • PCOS diagnostic
  • Lifestyle interventions
  • Medical therapy
  • Interdisciplinary collaboration and data exchange management
  • Looking for prevention to strengthen a future with much more awareness and understanding for the patient’s situation and needs.



excerpt of the scientific program

For conference website please visit:  Physicians Congress 2018

They told me, that they would be more than happy if I can present my valuable speech at their esteemed event. I´ve already booked flight and hotel and I m going to prepare my presentation. It is the 3rd time this year I am on congresses and conferences to increase awareness of PCOS and won´t become tired to speak about the possibilities to treat the health risk factors by DEBEC-Methode ®.

We cannot cure PCOS but we can support the women living a rather normal and healthy life,  the best bases – by the way –  for getting pregnant, if there is wish to conceive.

To foster healthy life with PCOS  my talk is about: Diagnosed with Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS): Understanding of the clinical picture for best individual treatment

Looking forward seeing you in Dubai 🙂